AC Fractional HP Motor Protectors

  • Snap Action Bimetal Disc
  • Sensative to Both Temperature And Current
  • Calibrated Accurately As per Customer’s Requirment
  • Protects from ¾ HP to 2 HP motors
  • Externally Mounted on Motor Body or Compressor Body
  • Available in Various Temperature And Current Range
  • Normally Closed
  • Automatic Reset
  • Compact Size and Eazy to Mount
  • CE And CB (Under Approval)
  • RoHs Complaint


  • Refrigeration Compressor
  • Fractional HP Single Phase motors
  • Blowers/ Pumps
Functional Details:

Motor Protector consists of Bi- metal snap action disc, on which contacts are fixed. The motor current flows through heater and bimetal disc contacts. If overheating or over loading condition occurs then due to heating effect of current flow through heater and bimetal disc will cause to increase bimetal temperature. When disc temperature reaches to calibrated set point; the protector automatically opens and shut off motor. When motor gets cooled to operating temperature (reset temperature) then protector reset automatically to closed contact position and allow motor to restart.

Refer below pictures to understand functioning of the bimetal disc in normal and abnormal condition:

# #
Normal Condition
(Contact Closed)
Abnormal Condition
(Contact Open)
Constructional Details::


Out Line Diagram:

Technical Details