Current Relay / Start Relay

This relay is traditional Current sensative, normally open relay used in single phase small horsepower hermaticaly sealed compressor motor start application. It is available in thermoplastic material body and made for 100000 cycles of opreation at reated current. *
Electrical Chracterisitics:
  • Class B coil (130°C)
  • Coil Pull up Current Max 20 Amp
  • Normally Open Circuit, Single Pole, Double break, for use in  split phase and capacitor start circuit applications
  • Contact Rating – 8 Amp, 120/250 V, 0.9 PF
  • Endurance – 500000 Cycles
  • Ambient Temperature T Max- 80 °C
  • Material Cover- Thermosetting plastic- White colour
  • Material Bobbin- Thermosetting plastic- White colour

Mechanical Characteristic:

  • Plug in mounting directly on Fusite main and start 2.28 mm dia standard pin
  • Compact size
* *
Wiring Diagram Construction Details

The relay utilizes a steel armature centered in solenoid coil field and bridging type contact arm which closes by armature movement. All working parts are enclosed in rugged thermoplastic  casing and air.

core construction is used to avoid residual magnetism.  A double pair of contacts give two breaks in series to assure longer contact and relay life.

The relay is normally open with its solenoid coil connected to main winding of the motor and starting winding connected in series with contacts of the relay.  When voltage is applied to the motor and high current flows through main winding and in series relay coil, which creates the magnetic  field and picks up the armature to close the contact to bring start winding in circuit.

Start winding in the circuit increases the speed of the motor and reduces the current in main winding and relay solenoid coil. As current reduces magnetic field developed by coil reduces and drops out armature to open the contacts to disconnect the start winding. 

Technical specifications:

Pick up and dropout range:

Start Relays ( Electromagnetic Relays )  Part No Pickup Current in Amp Dropout Current in Amp
Three Terminal relay KCC-2327 2.30 1.95
KCC-2827 2.85 2.40
KCC-3227 3.50 2.90
KCC-3627 4.30 3.45
Four Terminal Relay   KCC-2841 2.85 2.40
KCC-3141 3.40 2.90
KCC-3241 3.55 3.05
KCC-4141 5.50 4.20
KCC-4241 5.80 4.95
KCC-4741 7.45 6.30
KCC-4841 7.80 6.65
KCC-4941 8.40 7.00
KCC-5341 10.00 8.45
KCC-5641 11.55 9.80
KCC-5941 13.25 11.35
KCC-6241 17.40 14.80
Relay With 25 Ohm Current Limiting NTC KCC-N4141 5.50 4.20
KCC-N4241 5.80 4.95
KCC-N4741 7.45 6.30
KCC-N4841 7.80 6.65
KCC-N4941 8.40 7.00
KCC-N5341 10.00 8.45
KCC-N5641 11.55 9.80
KCC-N5941 13.25 11.35
KCC-N6241 17.40 14.80